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tv   9 News at 4 O Clock  NBC  October 11, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm MDT

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ght is on for a seat on the united states senate. tonight democratic senator michael bennet takes on his challenger republican darryl glenn in their only televised debate of the campaign season. 9news is hosting the debate and will bring it live to you on channel 20 tonight and streaming on 9news reporter nelson garcia joins us live from the history colorado center. crews have worked all day to get this venue ready great venue it is. >> reporter: that's right, ryan. they've been working hard and it looks like things are coming together quite nicely. this is it for the senate race. the two candidates could only agree on one televised debate. others were scheduled but didn't work out for different reasons. i talked with 9news political analyst floyd ciruli who says
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concerned about not making any major mistakes. the former denver school superintendent wants to push issues like college affordable and support for the agriculture industry. ciruli expects lieutenant glenn, a colonel from the air force, to be on attack in the debate. this will be the first time many have seen glenn outside of his speech at the republican national convention. glenn has a theme of freeing our future in his campaign vowing to fight for business owners and ciruli says glenn will have a tough task tonight. >> this is a tremendous step up of being able to be both thoughtful, aggressive, staying on point but yet not being so hot that you turn people off. >> reporter: ciruli expects donald trump to be a big part of the discussion tonight. since friday darryl glenn has gone from supporting trump to asking him to step aside back
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trump voters if he wants to make the race competitive at all. we'll see how that unfolds tonight, ryan. >> certainly plenty to talk about. we know our moderators kyle and brandon rittiman have been getting ready all day. thanks for the inside look. we'll talk to you later. highs near 80 across the metro area today. now we're in for a little cooldown. meteorologist danielle grant is in the backyard, cooler weather tomorrow on wednesday, hutch day. >> it will be a cool one, windy cool front start to push into the region. around town nothing but sunshine and warm temperatures. we've been in the mid- to upper 70s all afternoon, but cold air lurking north will swing in and not only drop off our daytime highs, but also the overnight low temperatures tonight. bright blue skies just above the city skyline, still plenty of clouds out there and the view up in the high country completely different. they've been watching rain showers in the lower elevation areas with some snowfall coming
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definitely. the winds are whipping around here in the backyard and around northern colorado as well as this cold front inches in closer to our start. we're in the 30 mile-per-hour range in fort collins south through centennial, around 25 mile-per-hour wind gusts in watkins and it's starting to pick up ever so slightly in longmont, greeley into the 20 mile-per-hour range as well. here it is right now snowfall pushing in across the senator -- ac winter weather advisory is in place for montana. we have been watching the rain pushing in, snowfall in the central mountains and a couple lightning strikes. in the metro area just the gusty winds and increasing cloud, a little thunder cell sitting just east of limon with a few lightning strikes. temperatures this evening, cooling off but very comfortable, low 70s around dinner time. we'll hang onto a few overnight clouds as the cold front moves
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digit temperature drop coming at us tomorrow. it's going to feel much cooler. you'll have to dig around and find those winter coats. we could have a little drizzle early in the morning which could potentially slow down that morning drive, but by the time we're back here at 4 p.m. tomorrow it will be a distant memory, sunshine, back at it again. >> sounds like colorado to me. >> better not sleep in too long. you might miss it. >> it will be brief, but we'll feel cool temperatures a day or two and wait till you see >> a 24 hour bundle up. the family of a man shot and killed by a former rocky ford police officer is suing the city for his death. the mother and fee fiancee of
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he was convicted of second degree murder for the shooting and killing of the man killed. a federal appeals court ruled sunday cleared the way for construction to continue to private land with the pipeline. the standing rock sioux tribe has fought the battle for month saying the pipeline runs through sacred land and threatens actress shalene woodley was arrested for protesting the pipeline charged with criminal trespassing. woodley dreamed it all live on facebook. that's been viewed millions of times now. parts of haiti are completely wiped out after hurricane matthew. we can share some before and after images from digital glow based here in colorado.
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request for $20 million because the survivors there are at risk of starvation and cholera. today a u.s. army air crew distributed food and supplies to communities in haiti. doctors there say in the extreme southwestern part of the country they're still waiting on medicine a week after that hurricane hit. fresh water has been arriving in the main city in the area, but it is slow to reach those remote communities. the hurricane did trigger those cases of cholera which can lead to investigating a shooting death of a man in a flooded area of north carolina last night. this happened in the area of lumberton south of fayetteville. a large majority of that town is under water. police say the man became hostile towards officers and he showed a handgun. a sergeant shot him. the state bureau of investigation is working on details of what happened before the shooting. the man who was shot has not been identified. initial damage estimates in flagger it county, florida, are
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florida, are at $70 million and that's without public buildings. at daytona beach matthew had some of its biggest impact. >> reporter: here at flagler beach parts of town are impassable. this section of highway a1a was taken out by matthew as he winds and storm surges, but for folks here in town perhaps nothing hurt more than one plank that was washed away from the flagler beach pier. >> everybody is very sad, very sad. >> reporter: by it's very definition. >> that's a lot persistence associated with the word history. >> oh, yeah. it's all about the history. >> reporter: a persistence that weathers and endures the likes of this and this and this and this. >> the pier was built in the 1920s and it survived all these years. it's been taken out by some storms in the past and rebuilt. >> reporter: on saturday morning the flagler pier on flagler beach was on the receiving end of history and its tendency to repeat itself. >> what you're seeing here,
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gone. >> reporter: the storm surge buckled its knees casting one into the ocean and onto the shoreline. most of it was throw-away, old and battered, but some of it was salvageable, wood still intact and still special. >> if you read the planks, they're there for all kinds of reasons. you see wedding dates, engagement dates. >> reporter: dates of birth and in this case dates of death. the wood reads in loving memory of grandma gail hillis found by hackett who reached out to the world on facebook. one of the people who reached back was flagler historical museum president linda jones. >> i just really wanted to make sure that plank got returned and got to its spot where it used to be at some point. >> reporter: within 12 hours the post amassed more than 3,000 likes, 450 comments and 26,000 shares as well as one family to return the plank to. >> we have a really strong community here and everybody counts on everybody and we're going to come together and
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as we knew it. >> reporter: life as we knew it. >> a better life for everybody. >> reporter: history may repeat itself, but so, too, does the instinct to help those who need it. >> i'm just glad to report that it's still there. i don't know when it will open again, but yeah. >> reporter: the flagler beach historic museum says it's working with both families to get the plank back and return it to its original position along the pier. in flagler beach, florida, dan grossman, 9news. seattle looks a little bit like denver today. city and state law enforcement have been clearing out a homeless encampment known as the jungle notorious for criminal activity and drug use. police say that people living there were warned they needed to leave by today. there were 13 who hadn't cleared out when the sweep started. at one point last year 350 people called this area home just like denver, there were protests today. the residents were forced to move to an adjacent field near safeco field as part of the
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the state. the city transportation and parks department says it will work to reunite belongings with its owners. a fuel spill in denver closed a stretch of i-25 to one lane at the worst time this morning on northbound i-25 near alameda and santa fe around rush hour. denver fire is not sure yet exactly how much fuel was spilled, but everything should be clear for your evening commute. let's get back to the big showdown tonight, the senate debate at 7:00 on political reports. thank you for joining us. we we appreciate it as always. >> thank you. >> let's talk about it. conventional wisdom says michael bennet will try to probably not make any mistakes while darryl glenn may have something to prove. >> michael bennet has a lot of things to answer for during his time as senator avoiding the public and debates. so it will be nice to have the
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support of obamacare which is an abject failure, even former president clinton saying it's crazy and his support of the iran deal. he's going to need to answer for a lot of the things he's done as a u.s. senator. >> certainly they've been preparing for this debate. what do voters want to hear from michael bennet? >> i want to hear a strong defense of his record and i want him to reintroduce himself campaigned last and unfortunately for mr. glenn this race has been rather sleepy. every poll has michael bennet up double digits or more. the most recent is 18 points. to your point earlier about not trying to make any mistakes, i think it gives michael bennet an opportunity to tell the voters who he is. unfortunately darryl glenn i think will try and trump him up a little bit, but i don't think it will work. >> this week we heard a back
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glenn stands after this video came out do. you think it matters where he stands? >> he said he has a meeting on thursday with donald trump. he quite clearly had some concerns about the recent video that came out with donald trump and i think people are looking for him to take a stand, decide where he is, but i think that probably won't happen till thursday when he can look donald trump in the for give him. >> why do you have to look him in the eye? the record shows glenn supported trump. then the video came out. he put a big note on his facebook page and said as a father and christian i can't support this guy anymore. the very next day he flip- flopped right back to supporting trump. i'm not sure how many positions he'll take from now until thursday, but if the guy has a role model on switching positions, it might be donald trump, after all. >> some specific situations
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pull voters over, what do you think? >> darryl glenn has a great record during his time in the military. i think when we're talking about foreign policy, say. , isis, darrell glenn really -- policy, safety, isis, darryl glenn has kind of a really good record to be referring to especially in juncture position to michael bennet's support of the -- juxtaposition to michael bennet's support of the iran deal fundraiser for the soft organization for the senate. he has to answer for that hypocracy. >> i expect michael bennet to defend his positions. at the end of the day darryl glenn has been a county commissioner in el paso. i'm not sure those things translate. >> thanks so much, guys. we have to run. we'll have much more.
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the comments between democratic incumbent michael bennet and republican challenger darryl glenn will be live airing on channel 20 and online at, should be quite a show, kim. >> good to hear from them both and hear all sides. thank you so much. some samsung users have completely gotten rid of those phones. they're going for new ones. >> and should you avoid the flu mist? we are asking experts about new
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no more galaxy note 7. samsung discontinued production manufacturing defect in the batteries caused fires. samsung started shipping new note 7s that were supposed to be safer earlier this morning but customers reported even the replacements were catching fire. yesterday samsung stopped global sales of the phones. >> reporter: the premium device launched in august was expected to compete with apple's latest iphone to dominate the smartphone market. however, soon after social
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charred galaxy note 7s and frightening stories from customers. in early september samsung attempted to fix the problem with a recall that covered 2.5 million phones. >> what they probably did not account for was the fact that replacements wouldn't be any better. >> reporter: in fact, customers started reporting that replacement phones were also catching fire. today in global trading samsung has seen billions of worse? searing damage to brand reputation. >> they say would you like a samsung. like you mean the one that blows up? so people don't really remember the names of devices. they remember brands. >> every smartphonemaker will probably look at their products to understand they could be at risk for a similar defect. >> reporter: customers across europe and asia like those at this electronics store in paris today say they'll be looking at
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holidays approach. >> samsung hasn't officially identified the exact cause of the fires, but they are investigating several possibilities including those batteries. it is the second ice cream recall of the week. blue bell is expanding its latest recall because of concerns about listeria. in september the company recalled two types of cookie dough ice products that contain cookie dough. they say an ingredient made by a third-party supplier could contain listeria. so far no reports of anyone getting sick just yet. yesterday nestle announced it's recalling drumstick ice cream cones for possible listeria contamination which includes the 16 mount variety pack and 20 -- 16 count variety pack and 20 count vanilla pack. throw them out or return for a
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street. the dow fell 200 points. the s&p lost 26. the nasdaq fell 81. you might see people going big with halloween this year all because of the economy. the national retail federation says more than 171 million people plan to celebrate. they do it in all kind of different ways. local farms, adding items to the pumpkin patches like purpose kin seeds and wreaths -- pumpkin seeds and wreaths and things and stores are stocking up on gifts. $8.4billion is projected to be spent on halloween by americans coming out to about $83 per every person, a lot more than little mini snickers. >> yeah. the king size. >> people just get excited i think. >> well, it's the decorations now on the houses, too. people go all out, which is awesome. >> all the good lights are out there. it's that time of year doctors urging the public to get their flu shots. we know you have questions.
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9. the number to call, 303-698- 0999. we'll talk to an expert about
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welcome back, everybody. it's that time of year. we have volunteers from 9health fair and sing soopers pharmacy to answer questions about your -- and king soopers pharmacy to answer questions about your flu shots. the number to call 303-698- 0999. >> we know a lot of questions. joe giles is the coordinator of the pharmacy. it's time now to get in and get your shot. >> this is the perfect time. we've been providing vaccines about a month. october is a terrific time to get the flu vaccine. it takes about one to two weeks for it to become effective. we don't have many active cases of flu now, but we will in november, december, january,
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about the flu mist this year. >> it's unfortunate, but it's a live nasal vaccine and unfortunately it's not available because a lot of kid like it -- kids like it because they don't have to get shots. in the summer months the cdc determined the vaccine was not as efficacious or effective, so they dismissed its use this year. we may see it reemerge next year when we have additional data and study to show it works as well as the others. >> i'm willing to get a shot ryan would be scry popular with all the -- would be very popular with all the ladies in the audience said that's okay. >> i want to spare everyone for seeing me in my undershirt. kim wore the perfect dress. >> it takes two seconds and i'm going to beat the line here at work. we all get in line because it really makes a difference. >> it does. we did a large clinic about 600
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we use very fine needles and most people said i didn't even feel that. it's a really short thing to happen for a if he amount of protection. if you ever had -- for a tremendous amount of protection. if you ever had the flu, you don't want it again. >> there's some more vulnerable populations out there when we talk about older people, younger people, people with respiratory problem. >> you're naming all of them. other groups we are concerned about are pregnant women. it's very important they chronic disease, respiratory, heart disease, diabetes, all those are groups we need to get. >> i'm ready. >> what kind of questions do people have calling in? >> we hear the gamut. a lot of the questions now is are the vaccines available? where can i get one and other more sophisticated questions, i've had a surgery or i'm on this medication.
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>> we see how fast this is, kim. you don't care. >> no. i'm serious. i can have a conversation while he does this. this is like done, that fast. thank you, dr. lee. i didn't even feel it. >> no flu for you this year. >> and i got a nice little bunny. >> i love that. >> thank you. we want to keep you safe and healthy and once the holidays are around and it's all spread that's the way to ruin your holiday. >> absolutely. country for the holidays. get the flu shot now before you travel around thanksgiving and christmas time. >> okay. >> thanks, joel. >> we'll get them back on the phones now, 303-698-0999 the line is open until 5:30 tonight. i know they want you to take your jacket off. >> no, they don't. >> you could have flexed. all right. >> thank you. >> he's too shy. >> not shy, just sparing you all. another warm day across the
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is moving in. danielle is back in next with
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at rockefeller center in new york city is open for the season. a day like this not very festive in colorado, but you feel it if you look at the rink at rockefeller center in new york open for the figure, figure skater and medalist sasha cohen cut th ribbon. it opened this day in 1936. >> how cool. how fun would that be? right there in 30 rock? >> how fun. another beautiful day across colorado, just a small chance for rain. let's check in with meteorologist danielle grant in the 9news backyard. actually pretty nice out today i thought. >> it's crazy people are ice skating in new york. around here they're probably on
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sunshine. >> it was so nice. >> it was. we're savoring it now, but some big changes are coming overnight into tomorrow. you'll feel it. head out the door with that jacket tomorrow because yeah, those temps will be cooling off dramatically around here. in boulder you can see just a little bit of blue sky, clouds pushing in, wind picking up and already up in the high country they're looking at the rain and snowfall on those higher peaks, loveland ski area. not only are they making snow, but mother nature helping them 40s in silverthorne right now, low 60s in idaho springs. downtown denver it's 75. we're in the 60s and 70s across the i-76 corridor. now at the airport winds quiet and calm, a few more clouds and the temperature there at 76, humidity 18%. here in the 9news backyard feeling good by about 74 degrees or so. by this afternoon and into this evening the temperatures should still feel comfortable for dinner. if you're thinking about heading out to the backyard
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the changes will push in overnight. you can see this storm system sitting just to our north bringing in late snowfall to parts of montana into wyoming. for us a decent amount of lightning strikes out there especially across the western slope where we're seeing some of the rain showers pulling through across our central mountains from crested butte up through aspen into snowmass, fairplay, light snowfall and then around town we haven't seen much in the way of rain across i-25. you'll have to go up into wyoming and montana where you might find storms packing a better punch and also right along i-70 a good cluster of thundershowers with lots of lightning heading toward burlington. we'll keep a close eye on that one the rest of tonight. again we're watching this cool front just dipping into the state overnight. it slides in. it will be a fast one, though. it rolls in and right back out. it will deliver some cooler temperatures for tomorrow afternoon, but by about thursday into friday that will be a distant memory. tonight our overnight low 38
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of the northeast as that front starts dragging in 10 to 20, could see a wind gust 25 or 30 miles per hour. possibly a little drizzle and maybe a bit of patchy fog as well as this front rolls through. we stay in the 30s for a lot of folks in northeastern colorado, mild. down across the southeastern 2nd of our -- section of our state, about 34 in kremmling, very interesting this front is affecting eastern colorado through tomorrow, but you'll notice daytime highs to the west. they won't be anything. temperatures warming up, not a lot of moisture. by about 10 p.m. a couple little light rain showers to the north. across the eastern plains we're watching the clouds push through. there's that front as well as that early morning drizzle, 5, 6 a.m. if you're an early riser, you're out the door and off to work, you might have a little slowdown, but i don't think it lasts. if anything, we're left with some of that fog that takes us through about 10:00, 10:30 in the morning. around lunchtime all is well.
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we'll watch a few more clouds pour in by about 10 or 11 p.m. tomorrow evening, but conditions pretty dry west of the continental divide. rain showers only increasing for eastern colorado and even at that i mean .1 or less, so not that impressive. as far as temperatures, that is what we'll all notice and feel, 58 degrees for tomorrow afternoon with that early morning drizzle, the patchy fog. we finally get to clear things out. we'll watch for partly sunny skies i think after 12:30 to 1:00, sunset at 6:23. temps across eastern colorado very cool. in fact, we're probably about 10 degrees cooler than average for this time of year. we stay in the 60s and even some spots in the low is. s out across the western slope -- low 70s out across the western slope, 53 degrees in boulder and platteville tomorrow, 59 idaho springs. about 58 in fort collins and
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you can see this area of low pressure sitting to our north basically skirting us by delivering that little cooloff tomorrow and as the rest of the workweek goes by, high pressure starts to settle in. that means we are once again in for a huge warm-up. we will be watching that system that's pouring in by friday afternoon into the evening across the pacific northwest. that will be bringing them certainly some rain, some snowfall, some cooler temperatures. right now it looks like maybe that system will actually stay to the north of colorado. so what you see is what little early morning drizzle, some rain showers on that car windshield. you'll wipe them away and they are long gone. we're back to 74 degrees on thursday, low 80s on friday. the weekend looks fantastic if you like the heat and drier conditions, i guess it's pumpkin patch season. what mighty fine weather and low 70s the start of next week. we start to cool things off by this time next week wednesday,
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summertime. >> if you do a corn maze which i just did this st weekend, wear shorts and a tank top. it's hot. >> the last time i went to a corn maze i needed a 5-year-old to lead me out. they're much better at it. >> they are tricky. it's so crazy that you could be getting a suntan while you do that. >> i'm not kidding. you're like it's hot out here. >> too funny. the history of baseball in american is longer than most people realize. one area often overlooked by the majors and the negro leagues. >> he would see how the team is finally receiving the -- we see how the team is finally receiving the attention of the smithsonian. if baseball and americana go hand in hand, the greeley grays
4:38 pm
history. >> they were very dominant. >> reporter: the baseball team is a part of american history. >> take lot of people would say -- a lot of people would say when they beat the grays, they were beating history. >> reporter: the colony built by and work -- was built by the latino families working at the sugar company. the baseball team started as the greeley spanish colony born from a de workers a sense of community. >> and then they changed it to the greeley grays 1938 and they played until 1969. >> reporter: they weren't alone. the grays played other teams from greeley to fort lupton down to brighton. lopez has written two books on the era. >> his father died and he was kind of going nuts. so the kids, the two children, told him why don't you do family genealogy. we got sidetracked with
4:39 pm
always got everyone's attention. that's how the stories of the grays were revived and this is how they'll continue to be told. >> they may have had rough lives, but they know jody their lives. >> i am -- they enjoyed their lives. >> i am honored and grateful to be here to work on this project. >> reporter: hundreds of miles south of greeley the grays were featured at adams state university in alamosa. the gloves and garnered the interest of the institution. steve velasquez is curator at the national museum of american history. the project is called latinos and baseball, but it's about so much more than that. >> it's business. it's economics. it's politics. it's, you know, religion. >> reporter: this is a big deal and you guys are part of this big deal.
4:40 pm
high enough, that ball would roll down there right now. >> reporter: in the end the tales may not be about players like baseball ruth or even jackie robinson. they might be about 83-year-old frank romaro who once pitched for the alamosa old timers. >> it's just a matter of you having pride and doing what you can for the community. >> reporter: it's about the it's a colorado story getting some long deserved nationwide recognition. >> we're very proud. we're honored to be a part of it. >> it's part of the american experience. it's part of history. it's part of the american fabric. >> reporter: jonathan gonzalez, 9news. >> the smithsonian hopes to put together a traveling exhibit
4:41 pm
communities from los angeles to syracuse. >> the lopezs are actually working on their third back as well. the -- third book as well. the broncos are getting ready to play the chargers
4:42 pm
4:44 pm
the broncos getting ready for their next game against the chargers without their head coach. they're dedicating the game to him. >> yeah. gary kubiak is on sick leave this week. after sunday's the hospital with flu-like symptoms in an ambulance. he was diagnosed with what's called a complex migraine. remember three years ago kubiak collapsed on the field at halftime. doctors said he had a mini stroke then. defensive coordinator for the broncos wide phillips talked about the coach at a news conference today. he says he's not worried. >> go by what the doctors say and what we've heard and what john said, so, you know, i feel good about that.
4:45 pm
any other coach that i'm great friends with that has any kind of health problem at all and we went through it before, you know, and it was a lot worse. he wasn't coming back the next week. so this is a lot better. >> elway passed up on wade phillips who had been interim head coach before. offensive coordinator rick dennison will be the lead play caller on offense and wade phillips will be on defense. >> joe and his old high school is reminding the colorado native that he has their support. >> yeah. late last night arvada high school posted on facebook we hope coach kubiak will be back in action soon, but in the meantime we know the denver broncos will be in good hands with an arvada alum at the help. this will be his first game as a head coach in the league. so that's a big thing. we were all excited when we
4:46 pm
manage the broncos listening to mike klis talk about this. he manages the game clock. so he'll be really good at diving into that game. he knows the schemes. he's been with the team forever. he k a thing or two. >> an all-star wrestler in college. i think he went to wyoming. >> i love it. >> those arvada people are proud. sometimes explaining an experience isn't just enough. you really have to show what it's like. >> next how did that and got the attention
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4:49 pm
the white house film festival's theme this year, the world i want to live in, 13 films, 13 from around the country chosen, one from a
4:50 pm
okay. narasha modriza. i'm going to have you say it because i won't get it. >> it's okay. >> you're from greeley. >> yes. >> you're 14 when you do this film. >> yes, i am 14 and then i turned 15 the day before they told me that i got selected. >> i don't care. people have to like. this this is so incredible -- like this. this is so incredible through my eyes. tell me how you were inspired to but it's also kind of the theme that played into why you did this. >> the theme this year was the world i want to live in and it took actually this idea came within hours of figuring out this contest was available and this sort of movie came from my own experiences, especially in this political age where, you know, muslims aren't exactly portrayed as the best thing in the media.
4:51 pm
because i started wearing a scarf when i was in 6th grade and it was quite an adventure. i had to move to a new middle school since i'm just finished elementary school and along with it -- i just finished elementary school and along with it came some of my elementary school friends and the first day of school i remember they didn't even recognize me. they didn't know that i was muslim. they didn't expect me to come to school the next year wearing a scarf and i think because of that year and, you know, growing up wearing the scarf for those first couple of months and that first year i think was really hard on my confidence and it made me question who i was and why i was doing something and it was a rough period, but i think now i am so incredibly blessed to be where i am and i just feel so much love from my family and from my friends and so i just
4:52 pm
millions of muslims across the country are going through what i went through and are still going through what i am going through, too, and i just wanted to sort spark conversation, to spark the encouragement of muslim girls especially to be confident. >> yes. i love how you played into the social media aspect of it, too, and that so many hateful awful things are said on social media and how in the world you envisioned it would be a i just think it's such a beautiful age that we live in honestly. social media is such an incredible thing that we have in the world and so is technology and it's so refreshing, especially going to the white house at this event last week and seeing all the other kids that were selected. there were kids who were 6 years old and they were making films. it's just so amazing to see how everyone has the ability to change the world, especially through these social media
4:53 pm
>> yes. >> this is worthy of noting. it's unbelievable you've never done anything like this and just said i'm going to try it. >> yeah, definitely. it was definitely an out of the moment kind of decision and we actually didn't find out about this until about two weeks before the deadline and when we found out, it was close to midnight, but we were just sitting there all night trying to think of ideas, think of what to do. i had my siblings help me and my mo i've always known how to use a camera. me and my late father were so into cameras, but we were really into the photography type and transitioning from photography into videography and cinematography and editing videos, it's amazing. it's actually so much fun, but it was such a journey and it was amazing. >> well, it's beautiful and it comes from the heart. i think that's why it was
4:54 pm
quickly tell me what are your plans? you sound like you're 35 to me. you're so smart. do you have a big goal or anything? >> i definitely want to be a big influence here to all the people in the nation of, you know, just being confident especially for young women and just knowing who you are, staying true to who you are and just knowing that everyone deserves everything in the world and everyone is just beautiful and no one deserves to be treated differently. >> you're thank you. it was such a pleasure to meet you. >> thank you so much. >> i can't believe you are just 15 years old of watch for this online and we'll follow you because something is going on
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welcome back, everyone. petline 9 time and i have a lovely little lady i would love to introduce you to. this is cinnamon. cinnamon is 2 years old. she is a pomeranian and she is so great. she said what, you looking at me? she loves the attention.
4:58 pm
around the house and just bonding with the family. they say at the denver animal shelter she would be great in a home with some children. she does well. the only little thing is she's still a little uncomfy on the leash. she may need more help with getting house broken. other than that she is a quick little learner, a great gal, so much fun, just a beautiful coat, too, and she enjoys hanging out, sniffing, going for long walks and, of animal shelter. you can visit her. she has been so sweet, love the car ride, loved everyone in the newsroom and usually you think of pomeranians and they might be yipping and yapping, nothing, silence out of this little lady. she's so peaceful. >> there's a lot to see out in the backyard worthy of barking. is that a lot to smell. >> i like the little mane,
4:59 pm
>> she's a keeper. >> that's going to do it for us. 9news at 5:00 is coming up next. next at 5:00 get ready for a return of fall. between now and this time tomorrow it could be 20 degrees cooler. >> also ahead police arrest the suspect in a fatal hit and run crash last boulevard. they say he was naked in a lake at city park. >> some colorado businesses are having trouble finding enough worker for the season next on 9news. >> this is 9news. a cold front arrives tonight. it will make tomorrow about 20 degrees cooler than it is now. in the high country the changes could bring some areas a little bit of snow. at lower elevations we're
5:00 pm
drizzle. meteorologist kathy sabine joins us. tomorrow is the coolest day of the week and it kind of goes back up from there. there's not a lot of moisture from this front which we desperately need. it's been really dry. that temperature cooldown you'll feel and we're clipping the edge of the coldest air. cloud are already on the increase with that front approaching. east still fair skies, but to the west dark skies and down to 38 in leadville, 68 in broomfield, 71 at dia high today of 79. we're starting to feel that cool air creeping into northern colorado as temperatures are already starting to drop, but look at the cool air to the north, 32 degrees currently in billings, 40 in rapid city and 38 in bismarck. that is some cold air and it's coming right down the pike along the front range. the only winter weather advisory is outside our state's border near the billings area and rapid city, moisture so limited we'll be hard pressed to squeeze out a shower down here tonight, maybe a little


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